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Austria – AlpenRetreat

Vipassana retreat

Retreat Venue

AlpenRetreat is a beautiful Vipassana retreat venue in Austria, located in the midst of nature and moreover surrounded by beautiful mountains. However it is also located near a main road, so you can get to them easily by public transport or by car.

The retreat venue is a family-like accommodation. It has comfortable rooms and most importantly, a beautiful meditation hall. You will feel at home, because the staff is very caring and they will support you in your Vipassana meditation practice. Their healthy vegetarian cuisine is delicious and will certainly help you to become mindful and in the present moment.

Vipassana Retreat Austria

A Vipassana course runs for 15 days for the initial basic course. And twelve days for people who have already completed the basic course (incl. arrival and departure day). In case you have any questions about the course and/or the duration; please ask Martin.

The practice is undertaken on an individual basis.
However there will be a few group practices at the beginning of the course. And there will be Dharma talks further down the Vipassana retreat. If you want to know more about the daily practice; check the daily schedule here.

LOcated in the Alps

Because of the with crystal clear water, lush green meadows, picturesque mountains and clean air, you can really say that the Tirol Alps offer a serene venue for a Vipassana retreat. Above all AlpenRetreat in Austria is a sanctuary away from all the stresses of daily life.
In conclusion; with its breathtaking beauty and unspoilt nature, AlpenRetreat is the perfect place to take your meditation practice to new heights.

Fernpass 483 Nassereith, 6465 Austria
+43 680 5544324

Upcoming Retreats


7 April – 21 April 2024
7 July – 14 July 2024 – Lite Retreat
6 October – 20 October 2024

What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.

Gautama Buddha