Sangha – Meditating Together Online

To support you and provided inspiration and guidance

Daily Zoom Meditations

To support you in your Vipassana practise at home

Several times a week Martin has been inviting practitioners from all over Europe to meditate together online via Zoom.

Basically this is to help support people with their daily meditation practice or to reboot their practice. Many are seeing the benefit that meditation can have during difficult times and practicing together is a way to give encouragement to each other.

For those whising to join the online zoom practice, they will need to have had previouse experience with the Vipassana Mahasi technique from Ajahn Tong. Please contact Martin either through the contact form on this website, or give him a call or a WhatsApp message.

You can choose to join Martin every day, once a week, or whatever way that will support you. With Zoom it is very easy to join. The meditations will be kept short. If you need more guidance before or after, this is possible as well.

These meditations are based on Buddhist principles and therefor free of charge.
So it is available and easy accessible for everyone. But there is also the graceful art of ‘giving back’. For example by spreading good vibes to the world around you and sometimes by hitting the donate button here below!

In Buddhism there are 3 gems

1.Buddha, the awakened one
2.Dharma, the way of understanding and loving
3.Sangha, the community that lives in harmony and awareness


Week schedule Zoom meditations


Morning Meditation

Monday till Saturday

7:00 am United Kingdom
8:00 am Central Europe Time
9:00 am Eastern Europe Time
Short Introduction
Mindful Prostration
20 minutes Walking
20 minutes Sitting
Sending Merit

Evening Meditation
with Story

Thursday Evening

8:00 pm United Kingdom
9:00 pm Central Europe Time
10:00 pm Eastern Europe Time
Short Introduction
Mindful Prostration
20 minutes Walking
20 minutes Sitting
Sending Merit
With past live Buddha Story

Mindfulness Task

Saturday & Sunday

Whole weekend
A mindful task will be given on Saturday morning, after the morning practice.
This task will performed or acknowledged throughout the weekend with the group texting one another with supporting reminders.

How will you become free?
With a quiet mind
Come into that empty house, your heart
And feel the joy of the way – Beyond the world

Gautama Buddha

Sometimes it is just not possible
to come to a retreat

Vipassana Home Retreat

Life can be challenging.
And sometimes it just isn’t possible to come to a retreat.
If people want to reboot or strengthen their meditation practice at home, Martin would be willing to guide them.
With or without the daily Zoom online group meditations.

The Teacher will help you customize a practice to your needs and possibilities. You can start easy, with a comprehensive introduction to the course.
Martin will support you with regular reports where you will have an opportunity to discuss your practice and any difficulties you might have.
Maybe Martin will even inspire you to deepen your practice with a few days of noble silence. To quiet the mind and come into your heart; to experience the simplicity of life.