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Mahãsi Vipassana

Martin Pack


Martin Pack was born and raised in Hertfordshire UK.
From a young age he was interested in religion and always wanted to know more about what people believed in and why.

At the age of fifteen, Martin began his meditation practice without any formal guidance. Two years later, he met an Indian teacher, who provided him with some meditation instructions. Throughout his journey, Martin has taken these teachings and use them in his daily meditative practice.

It was not until he completed his first Vipassana Course in Thailand, that he began to really understand the true meaning of meditation and the impact and value it had on his life. This course was taken in the Northern Thai Temple of Wat Phradhatu Sri Chomtong (where the venerable Abbott Ajahn Tong Sirimangalo resided).

After his first Vipassana, Martin returned many times to the Northern Thai Temple. He participated in many more retreats. Eventually, he spent longer times at the temple. And he helped assist the head teacher of the international department. He also spent many months helping to organise and assist retreats in Israel.

Eventually, in 2008 his teacher Kun Thanat asked him to teach basic instructions of Vipassana. And organise some courses in the Northern Thai Village of Pai. This experience was so positive, he was asked to stay and continue teaching Vipassana. By the beginning of 2009, Martin did get permission from his teachers to teach full Vipassana courses in Pai. 

Martin is very grateful for his teachers who have guided and trusted him over all these years.

Since then Martin has taught courses in Italy, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Canada, Israel and Greece.

He continues to be impressed by the value and transformational effects Vipassana has, not only on his life, but also the lives of other practitioners. Many of them return to Martin’s retreats and he can see clear changes of how they were before and how they are now. The way they overcome life’s difficulties is truly inspiring! Hence the question arises, who is teaching whom? It gives Martin many new insights and keeps motivating him to continue with his own practice and his teaching.

“Let none find fault with others;
but let one see one’s own acts, done and undone.”

Gautama Buddha


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