Your body is precious
It is your vehicle to awakening
Treat it with care

Gautama Buddha

What people say about Martin

If you are doing a Vipassana retreat you’re involved in a process that can get extremely challenging at times. Martin inspired trust and gave me the confidence I needed to keep going. The insight that Vipassana has given me has been enormously valuable in my daily life. This was my second retreat with Martin and I will be back for more.
Vipassana RisingFalling Testimonial
Marlies van Elst
the Netherlands
Ich habe verschiedene formen von Vipassana ausprobiert und finde, Martin ist ein wunderbarer Vipassana-lehrer. Er unterrichtet Vipassana nach der traditition von Ajahn Tong Sirimangalo: eine abwechslungsreiche art von achtsamem sitzen und gehen. Neben dem ausgewogenen meditativen üben im sitzen und gehen finden täglich gespräche mit Martin statt. Diese perönlichen gespräche ohne religiöses oder esoterisches drum&dran haben mir sehr geholfen, einen unkompizierten zugang zum achtsamen umgang mit mir und meiner Umwelt zu finden. Ich möchte mich bei ihm für seine efiziente, einfache und humorvolle art des unterrichtens bedanken.
Vipassana RisingFalling Testimonial
Martin Müller​
Doing Satipathana Vipassana with Martin gave me the life-changing impulses I have been longing for. An amazing and profound experience that is part of my life now.
Vipassana RisingFalling Testimonial
Manuel Anton
Martin helped to me to step up on my new journey towards happiness and freedom. Seems like it is working from the very first second. I do continue my practice at home, willingly. Actually I have never felt better, enjoying every moment with tremendous amount of energy and most importantly, I am ready for whatever the next moment can bring to me. Or not. I know, that such journey is not easy. Facing fears and discovering new things is always hard. We know this fact deeply underneath from our real life. Meditation is a whole new experience. Our blinded western world minds are not used to this kind of “fitness” and It can hurt sometimes. We need a trainer to set us right. Martin is very good trainer.
Michal Bohunek
Czech Republic
There is a legend that Buddha said, that in a future time he would come as Maitreya, which means “a well-meaning friend”. I take that as a metaphor – not for a person – but for a quality of all the teachers who share their spiritual knowledge and wisdom with friendliness at eye-level. In this sense I feel Martin Pack as a real friend who teaches with natural authority based on the dedication to the practice of Vipassana – free from any guru attitude – full of clarity, humour, lightness and compassion. I am very grateful for his competent guidance through the process of facing myself on ever deeper and deeper levels of the subconscious. A retreat with Martin is an eye-opener that I won’t miss at least once a year.
Vipassana RisingFalling Testimonial
Kirti Michel
My Vipassana retreat with Martin in Austria was not my first but I came away wishing that it had been! Martin has a the gift for making everyone feel welcome. He took a genuine interest in how each person was getting along with the practice and would give individual guidance – it wasn’t like everyone had to follow exactly the schedule. It was clear that Martin felt a deep sense of gratitude toward his teachers and was fully committed to the buddhist tradition but he was able to share this in a way that was easily appreciated by people coming from various different backgrounds. His guidance on the practice of Vipassana is the clearest I have had.
Trevor Wills
New Sealand
Martin has this intuitive ability, to know where you are on your path and to guide and support you in a gentle and heart-touching way. That is why the daily reports with him have been of such great value to me and my practice. If you are looking for a vipassana teacher who truly cares about you and your personal progress, then Martin is the one I would recommend to you. To me he is a wonderful example on how to transfer ancient Buddhist teachings into the needs of our modern society and to integrate it in our daily lives.
Georg Schreiner
When the Covid lockdown began, I received a message from Martin proposing the possibility of practicing Vipassana together with others on Zoom. I realised I had gained a friend, a new virtual sangha. I re-found a teacher I had not seen for 4 years. Martin's guidance proved to be key in providing a structure to the day in what could have been a potentially very challenging aimless time of lockdown. I personally have appreciated Martin's time, energy and commitment to this practice that has allowed others to rediscover their inner light in a time of crisis. Thank you Martin. In Sangha..
Christopher Anders
For me; Vipassana is a rollercoaster like life itself. And your life lessons come more to the surface, because there is little or no escape. And yet it is gentle. It will not serve you anything you are not ready for. I started two years ago in a unknowing state. And I am still unknowing, but more aware, stronger and stable. I learned so much about myself and there is more room for self love now. And the best part is; I walked this journey myself. But I couldn’t have done it without the guidance of Martin. He presents himself like a normal human being. And he is, but with a lot of wisdom, compassion and knowledge about Vipassana. His sense of humor is a blessing and many times a turning point in the process.
Vipassana RisingFalling Testimonial
Marije Vesters
The Netherlands

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